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Jai Latimore

President & CEO


Jai V Latimore is the Founder, President & CEO of Bou-Jai Studios. Mr. Latimore started Bou-Jai Studios in his basement with a simple idea; he wanted to develop an transparent company with an solid foundation. With that concept in mind, before it was called Bou-Jai Studios it was called Glass House Studios. The name was changed after he decided a better use for that name and chose an name given to him by his family and college friends “Bougee Jai” because of his taste for extravagant and lavish things. Summer of 2012 Bou-Jai Studios was launched but not with the results the young pioneer had hoped for. However, this did not stop or discourage this determined and bright aerospace engineering student but it pushed him to do better. Having hundreds of hours invested into this dream it was now time to invest financially in order to purchase better equipment to produce a better product. He encountered much resistance from some of his peers but no one could deny the beauty of his work and it wasn’t long before people responded. Today, Mr. Latimore is still pushing through the many obstacles in his way and raising the bar of excellence to fulfill his customer needs. This is accomplished by working behind the scenes, being transparent yet understanding to his clientele while remaining a firm, confident and solid force in the eyes of the competition. Here at Bou-Jai Studios we don't take pictures of sunsets, cars or homes. We take pictures of PEOPLE watching amazing sunsets, PEOPLE driving lavish cars and PEOPLE enjoying time together at home. Mr. Latimore says "Things become blurry when we lose FOCUS on whats important" which is why our slogan is "PEOPLE FOCUSED".




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