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TJ Lee

Public Speaker

Everyone at our corporate office Bou-Jai knows TJ, he is the warm and friendly guy who is seen in most of our employee training videos. Now, you the customer can also see and hear from this phenomenal spokesperson who has gained the respect and support of his peers. TJ is a perfect example of what Bou-Jai Studios is all about... Top grade customer service combinded with a friendly smile, first class assitance and a fun, professional, environment. TJ is an 2010 graduate of the University of Akron and brings a wealth of experience to Bou-Jai Studios. Outside of work, TJ likes to go boating, exercise, spend time with his family and beat Mr. Latimore in video games, in a attempt to spread TJ's positive attitude throughout the office, Mr. Latimore created the "TJ Challenge". This fun and produtive game challenges our employees to be the first to smile and say hello to each other. We invite all of our customers to take the challege as well! 

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