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If you're a music lover who lives in Akron, OH you are probably no stranger to the name Kofi Boakye. This talented teenage who just turned 19 October 15th has somehow transitioned from a bullied, shy and corky kid to a well known and respected local celebrity in less than 5 years. Many may ask the question, how? but the true question, is where? The answer to that is even more shocking... AKRON.

The small city of 199,110 residents ( (2018)) is nearly half as small as it's neighboring city Cleveland. However it is also the birthplace of some amazing individuals including NBA superstar LeBron James who is constantly building and shaping his hometown. Kofi is no different in that regards, performing free concerts in his hometown and giving discounts on his CD's and merchandise to the residents of Akron proving that he is more than a label or a topic of whats trending now, but he is a pillared of strength in his community and a example of the good that could come from difficult and staggering situations.

Recently Kofi announced his upcoming documentary entitled "Made In Akron". The premier showing of this film is January 31 2019 at the legendary Tangier's Event & Entertainment Center In Akron, OH. All proceeds for this event will go to the KofiBMusic foundation to fund his trip and tuition to the prestigious and historical college, Berklee College Of Music located in Boston, MA. Already people are purchasing tickets to get one last glimpse of this kid from Akron who has impacted many with his music. This is what makes him so alluring and captivating. Unlike LeBron, he may not be the people's champion, but he is a product of the people, both good and bad, friend and foe, those for him and those against him. Everyone played a role in making him better and stronger which has helped further his quest to reach his goals. However, his story doesn't stop here and honestly theres no telling how far it will go, but one thing for certain, it was made in Akron.

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