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What Are You Afraid Of?

Hello friends, I want to put down the video camera for a second and talk about a serious issue that continue to plague our communities; Teen violence.

This passed summer, crime rate initiated by teens are up and teen violence have countinued to reek havoc upon the streets of Cleveland and Akron, OH. Teens are afraid to even step foot out of their homes due to this crisis! But there is one teen who have decided to take a stand and make a difference.

16 year old Kofi Boakye is a well known young recording artist who attends Akron Early College at the University of Akron. Kofi is known for his simple yet catchy motto “Be Humble” something he tries to live by every day. Recently, he had a brilliant idea to produce wrist bracelets that displayed his motto as well as two powerful words “No Fear”

The idea is to encourage other youth to be courageous in there quest to live life to its fullest while remaining humble! Bou-Jai Studios was so moved by the courage and kindness of this young man that we have decided to assist him in all video promotions and we are asking everyone to support this young man by purchasing a bracelet today! All proceeds will go to the funding of Kofi’s upcoming trip to Berklee School of Music. So the question is what are you afraid of? Order your bracelet today, and have… No Fear.

Kofi Playing a song he dedicated to the victims and families of the 2015 Baltimore riots. See Kofi perform for free! This Month at the John S. Knight Center in Akron, OH click this link for more details!

#NoFear #Kofi #Bracelet

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