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Here at Bou-Jai Studios we have an amazing team of designers and editors who given the right content, can bring your dream website to life! This is accomplished by what you the customer give us. This also pertains to the timeliness you submit all content to us so that we can assign a team to your project and complete it fast and professionally. We receive so many questions about what we need from our customers to get started. Below are some simple steps that cover most of the popular questions we get. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us or call us at 929-500-1413.

1) Have a idea of the theme, colors and simplicity of your website. This is usally determined by the type of services you offer and the scope (the people you are targeting) of the audience.

2) Have ALL web content (detailed text that includes your about page, and services, layout, vision, company contact number and address, email, pictures, logo, music and videos) ready to be sent via email, so that the web designer can get your site published fast and professionally.

3) Be sure to create your social media page BEFORE requesting a website. After your social media page is created, copy the URL

(example: so that we can create links from your website. Keep open communication with your web designer so that he/she can supply the best service.

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